Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great post of why it is good to wait for Sarah Palin to decide 2012 run for POTUS

Great post of why it is good to wait for Sarah Palin to decide 2012 run for POTUS
Wow, Robert Devito! I could not have said it any better! I don't believe Sarah Palin owes me anything, and I will not whine if she does not run. I will, of course be disappointed; but in the end she has to decide what she wants and what is both best for herself and for the country versus any of the rest of us demanding anything. So I get that. But don't blame or castigate me for seeing qualities in Sarah Palin that the country needs, for supporting her on that basis, and wanting her to run. I do not apologize for exhuberantly and enthusiastically wanting Sarah Palin to be my President and our leader! But I will patiently wait for and abide by her decision, either way.Run Sarah Palin Run!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sarah Palin needs to get into the 2012 Presidential race!

This important post was originally posted on my Facebook page. I am reposting this because it is very important! Sarah needs to run. It is obvious that conservatives are not so far thrilled with the 2nd string currently in the race. Cain will make a fine VP; but face it this year he has no chance of getting top of the ticket! And Romney & Perry scare me as not really true conservatives --- more like McCain moderate washouts like our last electiion for President. We have to have a strong tea party conservative not a wishy-washy RINO, moderate, or Obama-lite! That is why Sarah Palin has to do a service to her country and run! If it is a personal and family sacrifice, then it is what it is --- Greatness does not make excuses. The man or woman answers the call when needed --- it is as simple as that. She simply has to run for the good of her country